Surf fitness on the Ollypop Surf Towel

Surf fitness guru Carolyn from has expertly put together this routine to help with your surf training and get the most out of your Ollypop.

Not only will this leave you in good stead when you're out in the water, but it will boost your pop up techniques, surfing skills, fitness, endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility.


Start slowly with a power walk or gentle jog, gradually elevating the heart rate and warming up the muscles. Take a few moments then to really warm and mobilise the joints and muscles with some dynamic stretching to prepare your body for your Ollypop workout.

It is essential to warm up the muscles before performing these exercises.


Back Extension (hands on floor) 10 reps

- Lie face down on your ollypop towel

- Place hands in the correct position on towel

- Slowly extend your arms and lift chest but keeping hips on floor

- Keep head in line

- Extend only as comfortable as you can

- Lower to start and repeat slowly raising and lowering chest to floor

Alternate Leg Squat Thrusts 30 secs – 1 minute

- Start in position as above with hands on towel

- Jump forward with one leg to position on towel

- Return to start position and jump forward with other leg

- Repeat alternating legs as though you were doing squat thrusts

- Keep belly button pulled in towards the spine whilst performing this movement

- Try not to let your butt stick in the air

- Breathe out as you jump forward

Press Ups 30 secs – 1 minute

- Start in a press up position

- Keep head in line with spine and belly button pulled in towards spine

- Lower to floor and return

- Do not let your back arch or your shoulders round

- Keep perfect alignment throughout

- Exhale as you push up.

Static Hold                                      30 secs – 1 minute

  - Hold the position as above
  - Keep head in line with spine and belly button pulled in towards spine
  - Do not let your back arch or your shoulders round
  - Hold for as long as possible in perfect alignment

Full Pop Ups 10 reps each leg

- Perform a full pop up in one smooth movement and perform for your desired number of reps / time (see 'Pop-up tips')

- Repeat with opposite leg leading and perform equal number of reps

Standing Switch Foot 10 reps

- Start in standing position as though you were on a surf board
- Switch from one leg to another to feet positioned on the towel.
- Repeat continuously for desired number of reps / time.


To get the best from your Ollypop towel, you can perform these exercises by practicing the moves individually first, gradually increasing the number of reps or time for each exercise, then if you require a little more of a work out, aim to complete a full circuit gradually increasing the intensity by progressing the number of circuits with a short rest between each circuit.

The above reps/time for each exercise are guidelines and can be adapted to each individual’s level of fitness.


Make sure you fully stretch for about 10-15 minutes after your Ollypop workout. This will help improve your flexibility but will also eliminate possible injuries. It is vital to get into the habit of stretching on a daily basis whether you are surfing, sitting in an office all day or ollypopping!

Have fun and enjoy!!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these exercises should not be performed if you suffer from any lower back or any other injuries and will require further supervision and advice.

The information found within this article is for general information only. Miss-Fit is not responsible or liable for any injuries or damage occurred by performing any of the exercises given or diagnosis made by a user based on the information shown within this article. All exercises are performed at your own risk. Always consult your own GP, if you're in any way concerned about your health or anything associated with and before commencing an exercise programme

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