Olly's Rant to Theo!

 After Theo's negative comments in the Den Olly emails him with a rant!

Dear Theo

Thanks for hearing me pitch my company to you yesterday at the Dragon’s Den.

I understand that Ollypop was not a product that instantly ‘wowed’ you, and it certainly didn’t get you reaching for your cash. However, you did miss some monumental points about the product and it would have been great if you could have spent some time actually reading the instructions that accompany my surf towel – if you had, then you would have realised that it doesn’t have a fatal ‘flaw’ as you put it.

I have returned to my office/home and in my absence there have of course been online sales, pretty impressive for a product that is ‘as useful as knickers on a kipper!’

I understand you have been very successful and I applaud you for that, but please don’t forget how you got there and what shoes you once stood in – I’m sure they weren’t too dissimilar to mine once. You also have a good point as one of your entrepreneurial tips states on your website:


You don't have to be a business genius to see the sense in Theo's guiding principle, 'Kiss': which stands for 'keep it simple, stupid'.

The Ollypop surf towel is simple, but certainly not stupid, it fills a gap in the market and is the beginning of much more to come from Ollypop.

I learnt a lot from my experience in the den yesterday, the biggest lesson of all is that I will never laugh or be-little someone who is standing in front of me with a business idea that is already showing signs of success.

Anyway, I always believe it is important to get feedback from your customers and below are just a few comments from some customers who purchased the towels while I was away for a day and a night in London for the Dragons Den.

Thanks for the lesson and enjoy the Ollypop, who knows if you actually read the instructions you may find it useful.

Kind regards

Olly Daglish


Customer comments:


Hi Olly,

Thanks for he message, the order arrived safe and sound.

I linked to your site from MagicSeaweed.com - I thought the site was great and very easy to use and I'm very pleased with what I bought. The Ollypop towel is an xmas pressie for my girlfriend,

Pop-a-doodledoo . . .. . .!

Hi Olly,

I went on a surf holiday with Big Friday and one of the girls there had the towel and referred me to Errant, but i couldnt order easily on their website so I looked in google for the direct distributor and thats how i found you!

I think olly pop is great! i love it, i think it would be a good idea if you had different colours or designs!

Thank you!



Dear Olly,

I read about your towels in Surfer Girl magazine a few months ago. They are going to be much fought over Christmas pressies!


Fantastic product for a mad keen surfer who lives miles away from the sea - with surf!

I look forward to seeing James and Ryans face on Christmas morning when they open this parcel.

Cheers and good luck.

Theo's Response...

Dear Olly  
Many thanks for your email.  
I'm not sure that I agree with all of your comments and sentiments!   However,  I do wish you the very best of luck for the future.  
With kind regards  

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