Ollypop in The Dragons' Den!

Following his appearance on the Dragons' Den, Olly had this to say -
"My experience in the BBC's Dragons Den was terrifying and frustrating, but I have no regrets and would do it all over again. I learnt a lot from it and have had great satisfaction turning things around to prove the Dragons wrong."

The response was awesome and it's great that so many took the time to contact us with messages of support and congratulations. A big thank you to all those that got in touch.

Below are just some of those messages plus a list of links related to the whole Dragons' Den experience from before and after the Den. 

Dragons' Den - What really happened

Olly's rant to Theo


The reason I am writing is really nothing more than wanting to tell you I absolutely LOVE your kipper's knickers comeback and what you did with it! I was laughing so hard last night, it put a cheshire cat grin on my face. Stroke of genius!

Also, I just wanted to wish you ALL the best with your endeavour, many more products and all the success in the world! Anyone who can turn a dismissive comment like Theo's into something lucrative deserves to absolutely whoop some business butt!

Dude I watched the Dragons programme last night as I like to see where people have got with there bizarre or not so bizarre idea's and your's mate was another achievement of what someone can do with determination and the will to succeed especially when one door closes or in your case all 5 doors closed in the Dragons’ Den. But as one closes another opens and it has for you. I saw you in the episode where you tried to get some backing from one or all, but you didn't and now look at you, keeping it going buddy, keep the faith. Oh and the T-Shirts rock dude just ordered one and a towel. I can take my towel overseas to Iraq & Afghanistan and practice, seeing as I won’t get much surf time in either for the next 9 months. Hope all goes well, yours in the Surf.

Hey I love the simple designs and the slogan is brillant, especially how you came about it!


Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that I saw the catch-up show last night and I laughed out aloud when I saw you'd taken on the Kipper's Knickers slogan!  Genius!

It must be a marketing dream because I went straight to the website and bought a t-shirt which, from the message, a lot of people seem to have done!

Anyway, best of luck with it all and I'll wear the Kipper's Knickers with pride up in Manchester when they arrive.

Just received my T shirt. It's cool. Pleased to help a local business rather than mega corporation. Good exposure on Dragons Den where are they now. It’s what made me buy a shirt. All the best.


Many thanks for the Ollypop.  Just what was wanted.  My son is now working hard on his pop ups!

Keep up the good work, the Dragons were wrong.

Hi Olly,

Just to say many thanks! My son’s T-shirt arrived today, which is brilliant considering we only spoke on Thursday. He's really chuffed.So now it can be packed in a suitcase ready to be sported on the beaches of Andalucia. Ollypop travels!

Good luck with your venture.

Love the way it all happened by the way....saw it and loved it!

Knickers to the dragons!

Just wanted to say well done mate, I saw the dragons den programme the other night and it's great to see you have proved them wrong, great web site.I 'm not a surfer but i am into the VW scene and I will have to get a couple of your towels for my panelvan. Good luck dude for the future.

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