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Based on the stunning north coast of Cornwall, Ollypop was established in 2006 to promote the unique and original Ollypop surf towel.

Aptly named after it’s creator Olly, the idea for a technical surf towel ‘popped’ into his mind whilst working as a surf instructor on Polzeath beach, Cornwall. Having advised hundreds of learner surfers to ‘practise your pop ups at home using a line of tape on the carpet to mark where hands and feet should go’, Olly decided to design a beach towel which would also serve this purpose, without the hassle. 

Three months after launching, Olly found himself pitching to the multi-millionaire dragons on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Their discouraging comments proved a turning point in Olly’s entrepreneurial journey and fired him up to making Ollypop the success it is today. With numerous stockists around the country and customers all over the world, Ollypop has become a niche brand selling clothing, towels and gifts under the newly named ‘Ollypop Surf’.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. If you have any feedback about our products or service please get in touch.


Olly in the den ...slightlt scared!

















Olly in the Den ...handing out towels (above) and looking slightly scared! (left).            


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