'Romantic Rascal Rory' ties the knot in a fairytale ending...

By Olly Daglish
on October 08, 2012
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Rory & Cheryl tie the knot 

It all started with a romantic dedication at the beginning of our book ‘Pigs Might Surf’. Towards the end of last year, Rory Donald, artist and book illustrator from Cornwall was asked if he’d like to put a dedication at the front of the book he had illustrated. Rory asked for the following dedication to his then girlfriend Cheryl Lucas to be published:

‘To Cheryl, will you marry me? Rory x’

The books went to print, and with a copy of ‘Pigs Might Surf’ hot off the press, Rory found himself on one knee in the local pub proposing to Cheryl.

Fortunately she said yes for as Rory later said “if she’d said no I would have had to buy every copy of the book to ensure no one saw the proposal!” As a light-hearted good news story, the proposal was featured in the national press and on Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast show where he was coined ‘Romantic Rascal Rory’.

And in a fairytale ending, the Romantic Rascal and his now wife Cheryl, finally tied the knot on Saturday at the very pub where he proposed. In true artistic quirkiness Rory chose to dress up as his favourite Roald Dahl character Willy Wonka, sporting a dapper purple overcoat complete with top hat and compulsory Willy Wonka goggles. Cheryl chose the more traditional white wedding dress but added her own element of quirkiness wearing bright red Converse trainers!

The book that made it all happen has enjoyed a fantastic year on the shelves of bookshops and gift shops around the country. We hope to team up with Rory in the New Year for the follow up . In the meantime we expect another busy Christmas period where Pigs Might Surf should once again be a popular Christmas present or stocking filler.

Big conratulations to Rory & Cheryl, we wish them all the best with their new life together. Go the Romantic Rascal!

Photo shoot fun...

By Olly Daglish
on August 29, 2012
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 I thought doing a photo shoot would be a little stressful but today we had our first proper photo shoot and it was quite fun! We've been trying to find the right time to shoot the new clothes & towels but lining up the models, photographer and the weather has been a little tricky to say the least.

But today it all came together, and despite a grey, drizzly start the weather smiled on us and cleared up in time to get some great shots in the bag. All shot onsite around the new Ollypop office, the kids had fun and did a great job smiling on cue.

We'll have to wait a few weeks to see the final results but fingers crossed we pulled it off!

Pigs Might Surf hits the big 2k!

By Olly Daglish
on August 08, 2012
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 It's been less than 8 months since we published our first ever book Pigs Might Surf. As publishers, we've taken on the role of marketing, distributing and selling the books which as a small team has been a little tricky at times, especially while juggling our Ollypop duties too.

But I'm pleased to say it looks like our gamble has been worth it, selling our 2,000th book this week, shops re-ordering and motivating feedback from our lovely customers. 

Captive audience at Waterstones
On Monday, I did a book signing at Waterstones, Truro which was great fun and another morale boost that all the hard work is worth it. I met one lady who went out of her way to come in and see me to say she'd bought the book for her Grandson last Christmas, and that it has been his favourite story at bedtime every night since! He's talked about the book so much that his Grandfather is preparing a barn door replica of Bailie's surfboard for when he next visits Cornwall!Grumpy Pig!

Waterstones were brilliant and put on some fun colouring activities for the children with free pig sweeties for all. We brought our friend Finn along who bravely donned the pig costume. He got a little hot at times and complained of sand in the eyes (it's still full of sand after I surfed in it last October!), and here he is looking a little grumpy!



Finally, we saw this inspiring review on Amazon from 'Jimmy' who bought the book last month ...makes it all worth it, better get writing the sequel!

Ordered this book for our first born who's due any day now, because I wanted to read to them from day one and as an avid surfer I wanted a fun book that would reflect my passion for the water. Did a google search and came across this book.
So glad I found it, the story is charming and the illustrations are excellent. I can't wait to read it to our little one whenever they get here and I can already tell this will be a book that will get a lot of use. You might be thinking, 'But he's never had a child read it so what does he know?' Well I gave the book to my 4 year old nephew and he loved it. He was wide eyed and giggling throughout the whole story, pointing at the excellent artwork on every page, which is saying something as he usually has the attention span of a goldfish!
Another excellent feature is that after the story they have included some games in the back revolving around the story for the kiddies to complete, which I though was a nice touch.
I put the order through amazon with Ollypop themselves (authors and publishers of the book) and the service was excellent. The book arrived a day or so later and was even signed by Olly the writer, how cool is that!
As I said, I can't wait to start reading this book with my little one. If you have kids and like surfing or even if you don't this book is definitely worth a space in your bookshelf.


Ollypop's New HQ is finally finished!

By Olly Daglish
on July 10, 2012
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It's taken over a year of weekends work, but finally the new Ollypop HQ is ready! Olly has lovingly transformed this former work shop into a fully insulated office/show room.

If you ever find yourself in the thriving metropolis that is Tintagel, Cornwall, feel free to pop in for a coffee!

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